Technology is at the heart of what we do.

We create products for building, debugging, and profiling games, as well as tools for controlling development hardware. Applications are closely integrated with Visual Studio® and Windows® Explorer.

We're passionate about our work, and proud to deliver the innovative products and dedicated support that make PlayStation® development easier and more exciting for developers.

In this section you'll find insights about our work at SN Systems, and technology in general.




Configure devkits



Run games



Devkit API

Build accelerators


Capture game output



Capture controller output


Developing these tools is an engineering activity and requires attention to detail at every step:

  • Detailed planning
  • Clear requirements/use cases
  • Maintainable design
  • Simple code

We are a great believer in continuous integration and at SN Systems this means:

  • Auto-build on check-in to version control system, followed by
  • Static analysis build
  • Unit tests
  • Black box tests using devkits
  • Rapid feedback loops