We're an eclectic mix of individuals, from highly experienced engineers to computer science graduates and former games programmers. 

We're all united by our passion for creating great PlayStation® development tools.

We talk to a few of the team, and discover what they really think about life at SN Systems.

Douglas Yung - Compiler Engineer

Joined 2011

Douglas joined SN Systems to be part of the compiler team in Campbell, California. He works on all PlayStation® platforms, and with a multi-national team.


The weather in California is great all year, and with all of the San Francisco Bay Area at your doorstep, there is never a shortage of things to do, places to visit, or great food to eat! -Doug

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Timothy Wood - Senior Software Engineer

Joined 2012

Timothy started with SN Systems as a software engineer in January 2012, joining the Debugger Team in Bristol.


Over the past few months I've worked on new features, high priority bugs, refactored old code, written unit tests, and more. It's very varied and that keeps it interesting. -Tim

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Daniel Hartnett - Software Engineer

Joined 2014

Daniel graduated in 2011 and worked on a high performance futures trading platform for several years. He had known about SN Systems during college and finally joined the Dublin office in early 2014.


I love the fact that I get some self directed time which allows me to scratch my own itch and work on things that might not get the time needed otherwise. -Daniel

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Elise Talbott White - Project Manager

Joined 2019

Elise started with SN Systems as a project manager in October 2019, joining the Toolchain Team in Bristol.


As someone who spends a few hours each weekend on the PlayStation the idea of working in the industry was really exciting. - Elise

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Dan Farley - Principal Software Engineer

Joined 2000

Dan has been at SN Systems since 2000, and spent time working at each of our offices; Bristol, Dublin, and Campbell. He has helped shape numerous products, currently working on the Razor performance analysis tool.


I particularly like the relaxed and friendly working environment, along with the interesting and technically challenging workload. Oh, and the business trip(s) to Tokyo!. -Dan

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Jack Halpin - Software Engineer

Joined 2017

Jack started with SN Systems as a software engineer in January 2017, joining the Target Management UI team in Dublin.


What stood out about SN Systems for me was the potential to be working on some really cool products in an industry I've always wanted to be part of. - Jack

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