Q&A : Elise Talbott White - Project Manager

Staff profile: Elise Talbott White - Project Manager

Location: Bristol, UK
Education: BSc Psychology at the University of Essex

How and when did you join SN Systems?

I joined SN in October 2019; I was working as a project manager for an ecommerce agency when I heard about SN. As someone who spends a few hours each weekend on the PlayStation the idea of working in the industry was really exciting.

What do you do at SN Systems?

I am a project manager within the Toolchain team, working with our Test and DevOps teams. I make sure that we are on track with our delivery of new features and help the product owners to prioritise projects within our roadmap. It can involve a lot of face to face time which is an aspect I really enjoy. Since we moved to WFH the face to face time is now done by video calls which is working just as well and it’s great catching up with colleagues on a daily basis.


What has been the biggest challenge during your time at SN Systems?

Having come from the ecommerce industry where there is a lot of visual feedback, moving to a more abstract product set was initially challenging to get my head around.  

What do you like most about working at SN Systems?

There is a great culture at SN. Everyone is very friendly and go out of their way to meet any new members. The kitchen at lunchtime is full of activity either people playing PlayStation, table football or just catching up with others outside their immediate team. I have also had some great PlayStation games recommended to me.

What advice would you give anyone wanting to get into development?

The world of software development is vast. I would suggest that you spend a bit of time researching and find the area or language you could see yourself being passionate about. It can require a lot of dedication initially to learn so if it becomes a passion then the dedication will come naturally.  

What do you particularly like about living in your location?

I live in Bath which is a beautiful city surrounded by open countryside. Bath is a great place to live if full city living isn’t for you as its smaller than Bristol but has all the city amenities you need. It also has a great restaurant scene.