Q&A : Daniel Hartnett - Senior Software Engineer

Staff profile: Daniel Hartnett - Software Engineer

Location: Dublin, Ireland
Education: BEng in Electronic Engineering from Cork Institute of Technology (CIT)

How and when did you join SN Systems?

I graduated in 2011 and worked on a high performance futures trading platform for several years. I had known about SN Systems during college and finally joined the Dublin office in early 2014.

What do you do at SN Systems?

I work on the Target Manager UI team. We are responsible for Neighborhood for PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Vita along with a large amount of UI tools on Windows® as well as OS shell integration. The team splits work into 2 week sprints to keep tasks manageable.

What has been the biggest challenge during your time at SN Systems?

The need to balance support for existing tools along with development for new ones can be quite challenging.
I also find it hard to assess how long a task will take me. I'm getting better at it due to practice but sometimes I can be way off, both too short or too long.

What do you like most about working at SN Systems?

Work is quite varied which keeps things fresh. I could be doing the backend of one product and then the frontend of the next a month later. I love the fact that I get some self directed time which allows me to scratch my own itch and work on things that might not get the time needed otherwise.
I'm most happy when we have performance issues and I get to speed something up.

What advice would you give anyone wanting to get into programming?

Programming as a field is not monolithic, a web developer and embedded engineer will barely be able to associate with each other. Check out different domains, you might be surprised what type of programming/industry interests you.

What do you particularly like about living in your location?

While the weather might not be as nice as some of our other offices, it certainly rains less here than in other parts of Ireland I've lived in. I love the fact that the office is in the city centre. As for Dublin in general, it's an interesting place and there's always something on.