Joining Us - How our recruitment process works

When I apply to the SN Careers email address, who receives my email?

  • It lands in our HR Manager's inbox, who then decides on the next steps.

What are you looking for in a candidate?

First we need to check that the basics are in place, namely that:

  • You have the essential skills and experience detailed in the advert
  • You also possess some of the desirable requirements detailed in the advert
  • You're passionate about your career aspirations and your progress so far, for example your university course, our industry, or programming in general
  • You're able to work legally in the country of the vacancy
  • You understand what we do, and what’s involved in the role you’re applying for

What is the recruitment process?

It's crucially important for us to find the right people, and there are several stages involved:

  • First we usually ask you to complete a remote test. We send you a link with full instructions on how to complete it. The link remains live for the following seven days, and we let you know how much time you're likely to need. Of course you're free to spend more time if you prefer in order to complete a piece of work you're really happy with. We also ask you to confirm that it's all your own work.
  • Your completed test is then reviewed by one of our engineers, who will check how you've approached it and whether the solution works.
  • The next stage is usually a 45-minute telephone interview with one of our senior engineers. This helps us understand more about the technical abilities you've shown through your CV and test.
  • The final stage is a face-to-face interview at the site where you'd be working. This normally takes around three hours and includes technical interviews and an HR interview. You'll experience your potential new workplace and meet some of the people you'd be working with.
  • During the telephone interview and face-to-face meeting you should ask us everything you need to know. This will help you make an informed decision about whether you think you'd be happy working for us. Remember, you're checking us out too.