TECH : Improving the Optimized Debugging Experience

Orlando Cazalet-Hyams

TAGS: LLVM Developers Meeting, Toolchain

Event: 2019 US LLVM Developers Meeting

Sometimes it is impractical to debug unoptimized code (-g -O0). However, the optimized debugging experience (-g -O2) can be frustrating and occasionally misleading. This is not ideal, especially when printf-debugging won't cut it. But it doesn't have to be this way! Over the last year, using DExTer and other tools, we have found many debug-info bugs that occur when compiling with optimizations. Some remain unfixed and there are certainly more to be found.  In this talk I'll outline some examples of these bugs, how we found them, and what we're doing to improve the optimized debugging experience.

Duration: 5 Minutes

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