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Analyzing the size of the compiler executable

ARTICLE BY: Russell Gallop
POSTED: Jul 17, 2019
TAGS: Compiler, LLVM Developers Meeting, Toolchain

The title of this lighting talk is from a bug filed in the early days of the PS4 compiler. It noted that the LLVM-based PS4 compiler was more than 3 times larger than the PS3 compiler. Since then it has almost doubled to over 40MB. For a compiler which targets one system this seems excessive. Executable size can cost in worse cache performance and cost time if transferring for distributed builds.


Error Handling in Libraries: A Case Study

ARTICLE BY: James Henderson
POSTED: Dec 13, 2018
TAGS: DWARF, LLVM, LLVM Developers Meeting, Toolchain

Using work performed on the DWARF debug line parser earlier this year as an example, this talk will show some of the pitfalls and problems a library developer has to be aware of when handling errors in their code, and will present some good rules of thumb that should be followed.


Understanding the performance of code using LLVM's (llvm-mca)

ARTICLE BY: Andrea DiBiagio
POSTED: Dec 13, 2018
TAGS: Compiler, LLVM, LLVM Developers Meeting, Toolchain

LLVM-mca is a LLVM based tool that uses information available in LLVM’s scheduling models to statically measure the performance of machine code in a specific CPU. The goal of this tool is not just to predict the performance of the code when run on the target, but also to help with diagnosing potential performance issues. In this talk we, will discuss how llvm-mca works and walk the audience through example uses of this tool.