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Link time performance

ARTICLE BY: Jamie Redding
POSTED: Jun 20, 2018
TAGS: Linker, Toolchain, Developer Services

When developing console games, linking becomes an inevitable iterative process as changes are made and bugs are fixed. Whilst the C++ file may only be re-compiled once, for example after the file is modified, all of the intermediate files are re-linked, thereby generating the final executable, in every build. Over the course of the development life cycle this can mean having to re-link a game many thousands of times before it finally reaches the consumer. Reducing the overall time each link takes makes a significant impact to the games development process.

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Quick wins for speedy links

ARTICLE BY: Binutils Team
POSTED: Mar 03, 2016
TAGS: de-duplication, Dead-code stripping, Linker, LTO, Toolchain

Linking is the final stage when building your C/C++ program code. As a developer, you must wait for the link to complete before you can run or debug your program. Any delay in the process slows development and can become frustrating.

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Linker Optimizations

ARTICLE BY: Binutils Team
POSTED: Nov 10, 2014
TAGS: Build, Linker, Toolchain

When developing for games consoles, there are known limits on the amount of storage available. Learn about two Linker features which can help with this; dead-stripping and de-duplication.

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