We have been working with SN Systems' tools for just about as long as I can remember, so using ProDG and the NDK for the PlayStation®2 was not really a question for us. When things got a little tight toward the end of the project and we needed new features added to the NDK, the team at SN was there for us...

The fact that 'Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3' has been pulling down outstanding reviews is proof that SN Systems is the right choice for developers. 

Joel Jewett
Neversoft Entertainment

Product Spotlight

ProDG for PlayStation®3


Get closer to the hardware with ProDG for PlayStation®3 - the official toolset for PlayStation®3 developers worldwide now contains ProDG, Visual Studio Integration, Target Manager and Tuner all in one package.

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ProDG for PlayStation®3


SN Systems' product ProDG for PlayStation®3 consists of an advanced suite of tools for building, debugging and tuning console games. Continuous development based on customer feedback ensures we keep pace with your demands.

The following components are included:


The Debugger for PlayStation®3 is an evolution of the SN Systems Debugger which is in use on current generation consoles. The Debugger allows you to view source code, disassembly, memory, registers, variables, processes/threads, TTY and the call stack. A split-pane system allows unlimited configuration of pane layout. Projects allow persistence of settings specific to each ELF. The Debugger provides comprehensive support for PPU and SPU registers, memory, instructions and opcodes.

The Debugger includes the following features (click an item for a full description):

  • Full support for the processor
  • Process view
  • Improved Windowing system
  • Improvements to the following views
  • Additional features


SN Systems' Tuner, developed specifically for the PlayStation®3 architecture, lets you capture and visualize program behavior so that you can eliminate conflicts and bottlenecks and cache misses in your code. Tuner runs completely in software - no special hardware required. High performance games can now be achieved with less guesswork. Tuner gives you the following features (click an item for a full description):

  • PPU Thread Trace
  • Performance counters
  • Real-time Data Capture
  • User Events
  • Advanced User Interface
  • Detailed Metric Capture
  • RSX performance counters
  • PPU PC sampling
  • PPU function instrumenting
  • Drivable from script

Target Manager

  • Load and run executable files
  • TTY view
  • Fileserving provides the target with access to the host file system
  • Manages connections to multiple development hardware on your network allowing simultaneous debug sessions or sharing of development hardware
  • Color-coded display of printf streams
  • Target Manager SDK provides programmatic access to the functionality of Target Manager

Visual Studio integration

Integration of the above tools with Visual Studio (2003 and 2005) is achieved through Add-ins and Appwizards. The following features are supported (click an item for a full description):

  • Build, edit and manage your project using the Visual Studio IDE
  • Tight integration between the IDE and the ProDG Debugger
  • Build tool integration using GCC compiler for PPU and SPU
  • Flexible project configurations
  • Source browsing and Intellisense
  • Project dependencies


Comprehensive documentation is supplied in PDF and HTML formats. Technical articles and FAQs are available in the developer technical support zone of the website

Technical support

Technical support is provided via e-mail and telephone during normal UK business hours. We also provide support via the customer-only technical support zone of our website where the following services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

  • Documentation and technical articles
  • Downloads and updates
  • FAQs

Minimum System requirements

  • PC with Intel Pentium III (or equivalent)
  • Windows XP Pro
  • Network Adaptor
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 8MB of video memory
  • 24MB of Hard Disk space
  • Sony Computer Entertainment PlayStation®3 development hardware
  • Sony Computer Entertainment PlayStation®3 software development kit (SDK)


To order ProDG for PlayStation®3 please contact your Sony Computer Entertainment Account Manager.

NOTICE: These products are only available to Sony Computer Entertainment's licensed developers/publishers.

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